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Property Management


Our property management team has been carefully hand picked. For this reason, we can ensure the most value for residents, and consequently, our investors as well.

We strive to provide great building maintenance that provides our tenants with lots of benefits. By offering the benefits of outstanding maintenance, we benefit collectively by increasing our own productivity and value to our employers and relationship with renters. Our goal is to always communicate with tenants and stakeholders, manage work orders, budget for work and supplies, stay on top of schedules to provide the best property atmosphere and tenant comfort.

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Construction and Development


We have partnered with Capital Builders to create custom, beautiful multifamily garden-style apartments. Our professionals encompass unique design with attention to detail for these builds.

Established in 2006, Capital Builders and Designers, LLC has constructed & remodeled numerous multifamily properties in the esteemed neighborhoods of the Houston area.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our company and the high level of education of all of our employees have in the multifamily building arena. We have knowledge of the most updated properties and regularly attend trade shows all over the United States to obtain more knowledge of current and future trends. We also consistently attend educational seminars to gain further awareness of better building methods and techniques.


If you are interested in constructing a garden-style apartment please email us at info@avanpropertymanagement.com


Investment Management


At Avan, we like to look at the entire picture of real estate investment. Our data driven approach allows us to see trends and opportunities as they present themselves. When paired with our extensive knowledge of the market, this awareness provides a distinct edge for both Avan and its investors.

Investments with Avan are carried out directly by our team of local operators, so we’re just as invested. A win for our investors is a win for us. We invest alongside our investors to prove our commitment and the profitability of our investments.

To become an investor please email us at info@avanpropertymanagement.com